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The Tier 5 Temporary Workers Visas give overseas nationals the opportunity to live and undertake temporary employment in the UK. The Tier 5 visas are available to applicants who wish to take up short-term positions in a number of industries, including charity and sports.

If you are an overseas citizen who wishes to experience life, culture and work in the UK, Stevens Machi Solicitors can help you with quickly and easy entry clearance. We will consider your personal circumstances and suggest which Tier 5 visa is the most appropriate for you. Our dedicated lawyers will help you prepare a strong application to give you the greatest chance of success.

Tier 5 Temporary Workers Visas: Categories

The Tier 5 Temporary Workers visas are split into five categories. These are:

  • Creative and sporting.
  • Religious workers.
  • Charity workers.
  • Government authorised exchange.
  • International agreement.

Applicants should apply for the visa that is most appropriate for their temporary role in the UK or the scheme under which the applicant has been offered the placement. For example, if you intend to come to the UK to work for a foreign government, you would apply under the international agreement category. 

Tier 5 Temporary Workers Visas: Eligibility

Applicants for all of the Tier 5 Temporary Workers Visas must be from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

They must also be sponsored by an organisation in the UK and be provided with a certificate of sponsorship from that organisation. The certificate includes information on the applicant and the role and acts as a confirmation that the applicant is able to carry out the job and intends to do so. Unlike the name suggests, the certificate of sponsorship will be presented to you in the form of a reference number which you must include as part of your application.

Applicants for the Tier 5 Temporary Workers Visas may need to show they have a certain amount of money in savings, in order to prove they can support themselves.

There is a lot to consider when applying for permission to work in the UK. Our expert immigration solicitors will help you navigate the process, making sure you know exactly what is required at every stage.

Tier 5 Temporary Workers Visas: Conditions

As with all permits that allow you to work in the UK, there are a number of things that the visa holder can and cannot do. For example, you can:

  • bring family members with them;
  • carry out a course of study that does not affect the sponsored job; and
  • take on a second job.

On the other hand, you cannot obtain public funds. There are other restricted activities, but these depend on your visa category. For example, the amount of time that the applicant can remain in the UK differs depending on the visa category. We will make sure you are well aware of your maximum length of stay, and all the other restrictions, so you do not breach the immigration rules that apply. As part of our commitment to a high standard of customer care, we will also provide advice if you decide to extend your visa at later date.

Tier 5 Temporary Workers Visas Lawyers, London

The opportunity to live and work overseas is an exciting and worthwhile one for many individuals. At Stevens Machi Solicitors we will support you throughout the visa application process to make your entry and stay in the UK as smooth as possible.

We will assess your personal circumstances and recommend the right visa category for you. We will then assist you to prepare a strong application, including all the documentation needed to support your application. Our lawyers will also keep you updated throughout the process so you know exactly what is happening and when.

We have an excellent track record in challenging refusals from the Home Office. If your application is refused you can be confident that we will passionately defend your case.

If you wish to find out how we can help with your Tier 5 Temporary Workers Visa application, contact us today via our contact form or by calling 020 8318 7768. 

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