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If you are a foreign national who has lived in the UK for a certain period of time, you could be eligible for indefinite leave to remain (ILR). ILR – also known as settlement – grants the visa holder the right to permanent residency in the UK, without any restrictions on work and very minimal limitations on movement in and out of the country. Those who have ILR may also be able to apply for British citizenship through naturalisation.

UK ILR / Settlement Applications

 If you come under one of the following categories, you could qualify for ILR after you have lived in the country for a specific period of time. 

  • Married or unmarried partner of a UK citizen or someone who is settled in the UK (after two years)
  • Child of a UK citizen or someone who is settled in the UK (in this case the applicant may qualify for immediate permission to settle)
  • Ancestry visa holder (after five years)
  • Long residence (after 10 years)
  • Tier 1 and 2 visas, work permits and Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) (after five years)

The conditions for eligibility vary depending on your current immigration category, so it is vital that you seek assistance from legal professionals who specialise in UK immigration rules when applying to settle. Having said that, there are some requirements that apply across the board. This includes:

  • You must not have any unspent convictions
  • You must pass the Life in the UK Test
  • You must plan to remain living in the UK
  • You must have satisfactory knowledge of the English language

Applying for ILR / Settlement, UK

Stevens Machi Solicitors can help you apply for your right to settle in the UK. We will carefully consider your circumstances in order to recommend the best course of action. It is important that you seek legal assistance as early as possible, and well before your current visa expires. There may be a lot of evidence required to support your case, and late applications are unlikely to be considered by the Home Office. Once we have all the relevant supporting documents, we will draft, revise and submit your ILR application in a quick and efficient manner. Our team will also keep you up to date on the progress of your application as part of our commitment to quality client care.

It is important to be aware that you will need to send your passport as part of the application process, which in the case of postal applications can take up to six months to complete. Non-urgent travel during this time should, therefore, be avoided. Our solicitors will keep you right throughout the process to ensure minimum disruption to your life.

Returning Residents, UK

It is also essential that you are aware that ILR is subject to certain conditions after it has been granted. If you are absent from the UK for over two years you may lose your right to permanent residence. However, if you can show that exceptional personal circumstances were the reason for your absence, you may be able to apply for a Returning Resident visa. Secondly, you could lose ILR if you are convicted of a serious criminal offence that leads to your deportation.

ILR: Indefinite Leave to Remain / Settlement Application Lawyers, London

We know that when applying to settle in the UK you may have a lot of questions about the process, as well as about your future. At Stevens Machi Solicitors, our role is to make this process as simple and stress-free as possible. We have over 30 years of combined experience in immigration law, and we will pass this knowledge on to you in a concise and clear way. We take pride in our dedicated, fearless and strategic approach to every case. To talk about your circumstances with us today, call us on 020 8318 7768 or complete our contact form.

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